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What is cPanel and what is it for in our hosting?

The cPanel is a control panel that serves to control our hosting, that is, an administrator of our web hosting account (hosting) where you can manage the resources and tools available from your hosting plan, for example:

  • Create mail accounts
  • Create FTP accounts
  • Manage domains and subdomains
  • Manage databases
  • Manage Files
  • Among many other functions.

How to access cPanel?

You can access cPanel of your contracted hosting plan using the information we have sent you to the email that was used to contract the service, there you will find the credentials and all the information relevant to the contracted hosting plan.

If your domain does not yet work, you can use the following: or

If the domain is already working you can use: or

How to create email accounts in cPanel?

To create an email account ([email protected]) from your cPanel admin panel:

  1. Log in to your cPanel control panel
  2. In the Mail Accounts section, click email accounts
  3. In the first section add email account” enter the information to create your Email account:
  • Email: you must enter the user
  • Password
  • Repeat your password
  • Mailbox quota (optional): this is the maximum amount this account can store
  • Click Create

How can i view my emails through the Webmail?

The basic way to access your email account is through Webmail, for this type in your browser the URL of your domain followed by / webmail:
Enter your full email and password and click the OK button.

Choose one of the apps to read your email: Horde, SquirrelMail, or RoundCube.

Then you can configure the application that best suits your needs by default and after this, you can review in detail the emails in your account.

How to set up email accounts on different devices?

To properly configure Mail on your computer, we recommend following the instructions below:

iPhone, iPad: Click here

Tablets or Android phones: Click here

Mac: Click here
*You will need to review the following section to properly configure the mail: additional settings. All the information requested here can be found on the cPanel of your hosting account.

Windows: Click here

The incoming and outgoing mail server must be: with SSL enabled.

Frequent mail account issues and how to fix them

There are many things to consider when an email account has problems, especially when you have installed an email client on your computer or Mac to access your mail.

First of all, please check your internet connection and also any items that might be interfering with the proper functioning of your mail clients, such as Antivirus or Firewall.

If the problems persist, try entering directly from the Webmail, if everything works correctly in the Webmail means that the problem is in the settings of your mail client or your computer. Please set up your email account again using the information in cPanel in the email accounts section.

Some access, send or receive mail problems may be related to the maximum memory quota that has been set for your email account, when this situation arises you will receive a notification in your inbox alerting you to this situation. To fix this, you can delete old emails to free up space or increase the space quota.

What are the steps to take to switch from hosting to MagicalWP?

To change hosting, it is recommended to have backups of the information that you want to keep or migrate, due to a large number of providers/web hosting it is impossible to have the exact details of how to proceed, however, you can refer to the steps listed below to guide you throughout the process and understand what you should do to move the information correctly, which in most cases is easy and fast to do.

Important: hire the plan that best suits your needs, consider the space you will need and the number of emails you will handle in your plan.


  1. Create a local backup (on your computer) of emails. If you are using Outlook, you can watch the following video: Video Tutorial – Youtube , if you are using Mail Mac app, you can watch the following video: Video Tutorial – Youtube
  2. Create emails that currently exist on your previous server in Budahost cPanel. Remember to choose a secure password for each one.


  1. Log in to your current hosting and download a full copy of the files from your website and database.
  2. Now you can upload files and database The New MagicalWP server.
  3. You must then make the change to NIC for the domain to point to and instead of what you currently have in place.
  4. Change the incoming and outgoing mail server in your emails from the computer or computer you use to send and receive emails. The incoming and outgoing mail server data is and the corresponding credentials you have set for the mail.


Our technical team is available to provide you with the best support and solve all your questions.

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